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Culture and the Northern Fleet

Central Palace of Officers of the Northern Fleet (Severomorsk)

There is quite developed system of institutions of culture, more then 200 professional and amateur groups on the fleet. On the 1st of May of 1954 Severomorsk Palace of Officers started to work.

Murmansk Palace of Officers is one of the oldest institutions of culture on the Northern Fleet. Since 1946 on the base of the Palace of Officers has been functioning Military maritime museum of the Northern Fleet, his scene was the main scene of Fleet theatre in the period since 1943 to 1987. There are 750 sits in the hall of the Palace of Officers; it is one of the largest halls in Murmansk.

Theatre of Krasnoznamenny Northern Fleet is the oldest on the Kola Land.

Memorial " Motor torpedo-boat-12"

Museum of air forces of the Northern Fleet was founded in 1976 and now it is the only museum of aviation direction.

The fleet culture today consists of 50 cultural institutions, 130 libraries, some museums, military bands and music groups.


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