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Memorials of history and culture

The church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Varzuga is a pearl of Russian wooden architecture.

There are more 400 memorials of history and culture in the Murmansk region., 97 of which are protected by the state (including 10 memorials of the federal importance).

There are also a lot of petrogliphes on the Kola Peninsula.

First petrogliphes were found in 70s years of XX century by Leningrad archeologists in the place of Chalmni-Warre in the Ponoy river. In 1997 was found the complex of rock carvings of IV-II thousand B.C. on the Kanozero lake. More then 200 rock carvings with the depiction of boats, people, deer, fish, maritime animals, birds, bears and etc. A lot of rock paintings of Kanozero are stylistically, thematically and compositionally similar to petrogliphes of Chalmni-Warre, Alta (The Northern Norway), Zalavruga (Belomorje), the Onezhsk lake (Karelia). Archeological find on the Kanozero lake has the status of national and world property.

There are two memorials of architecture of XVII century in the villages of Varzuga nad Kovda.

Temple of the Saviour on the Waters is the youngest one on the Kola Land

The church of Assumption of the Blessed Virgin in Varzuga is the sample of wooden architecture. Master Kliment built it in 1674. In 1999 Yspenskaya church was handed to Murmansk and Monchegorsk Eparchy.

The first memorial of Murmansk is Memorial to victims of foreign intervention of 1918-1920, it was created in 1927 by the project of architect A.Savchenko.

In 1965 memorial in honor of the vessel "Ermak" was opened unusual memorial nearby the building of the Regional museum.

In 1990 году in Murmansk was placed the memorial to creators of Cyrillic character: Kirill and Methody. The author of this memorial was Bulgarian sculpture V.Gynovsky (the original of the memorial is in Sofia). The greatest number of memorials of military valour is sutuated on the territory of Kandalaksha, Kola, Severomorsk and Pechenga disticts.

Memorial complex "Dolina Slavy" is situated on the 74th km of the route Murmansk - Pechenga. Its base is sculptural group, created in 1950s. There are two soldiers with inclined heads. Every year on the 9th of May there take place celebrations in commemoration of soldiers perished defending the Kola Land.

Memorial to seamen perished in the peaceful time

Memorial to heroes of Severomorsk, defenders of Zapolyarye (Severomorsk)


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