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Tourism in Murmansk. Development outlook

Social and economical situation in the Murmansk region causes the necessity of selection of new strategic direction of the development of national economy. Tourism can be one of the most important factor for the development оf some territories and of the region in the whole.

The Murmansk region has significant tourist potential, which in the case of purposeful regional tourist policy and according level of development of tourist infrastructure can accept no less 500 thousand tourists per year.

Tourist sphere in the Murmansk region has great potential of tourist resources and small volume of their developing.

Successful development of tourism business in the Murmansk region depends on efficiency of methods of state regulation in this sphere.

Among the resources of management body of tourism in the Murmansk region can be named the following ones:

  • Peopleware: before 1998 - 1 specialist, since 1998 till 2002 - 2 ;
  • Financing: 2000-2001 for tourist events -107 thousand rubles (less 0,5 of teh sum of two years budget of the committee);
  • For 2002 500 thousand rubles were provided and 480 thousand rubles were spent;
  • For 2003 1 million rubles is planned;
  • Since 2003 there has been existing a separate line "Tourism" in the regional budget.

    It is very important to consider the developing of tourism market in the Murmansk region as economical category, demanding program approach, and analysis and state management, to determine strategy, outlooks of the development and finally, production of tourist products.

    The development of regional program of tourism developing in the Murmansk region was one of the first tasks for 2003.


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