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Television, radio broadcasting and radio connection history

In 1933 the first radio station RS - 1 was built and the first program "RV-79" started at wavelength of it in May of 1935. In 1934 the station became to provide with radio connection in diapason of ultrashort waves. Since 60s last century the further development of broad casting had started. Two power radio stations were built: RS - 3 was in Murmansk and RS-5 was in Monchegorsk, providing programs "Radio of Russia" and "Mayak" in diapason of ultrashort waves, MF and LF waves. Radio connection in diapason of ultrashort waves with fishery vessels, vessels of AMOGE, and work with radio connection with Moscow and Saint Petersburg was also developed.

In 80s at a frequency of 1449 Hz synchronous network of broadcasting of the "Mayak" program was organised with the help of transmitters of CF diapason (Kirovsk, Kandalaksha, Monchegorsk, Ostrovnoy, Umba), the network of broadcasting of the program "Radio-1" and "Radio of Russia+Murman" with the usage of transmitters "Rain - 2". The development of diapason FM (100- 108 kHz) began in 90s. Since 1996 the transmission of the local broadcasting studio "69 parallel" had started, since 1997 "Radio-21" and "Radio Nostalgia", since 1998 "Radio Modern", since 1999 "Public Russian Radio".

In 1957 television appeared on the Kola Land in Murmansk. From the beginning programs were transmitted just for 2 hours twice a week. By the end of 1961 microwave line Murmansk-Olenegorsk-Monchegorsk-Kandalaksha was built. The possibility of implementation of satellite systems of connection appeared because of the launching of satellite 'Molniya-1'. In 1967 the station of space connection "Orbita" was built on the Bezimyannaya hill and on the 2nd of 1967 the program of central television was transmitted from Moscow. There were two programs of the central television in January of 1968.

As a revolutionary stage can be considered transference of satellites on geostationary orbits. The exploitation of receiving terminal of satellite connection "Moscow" started. That allowed transmitting of two programs of the central television in any places of our region.

Since 1981 up to 1994 stations of satellite connection were installed in 66 remote areas of the region (in forestry Girvas, Vladimir village, Zapadnaya Litsa villiage, Drozdovka village, Gremikha, Chavanga and etc.)

In May of 1992 at first in Murmansk and then in some districts of the region (Nickel, Kandalaksha, Umba, Kirovsk, Zapolyarny) the program "TV-XXI" of regional television company "North-west broadcasting" appeared. In 1996 the program 'Saint Petersburg 5 channel", program of NTV, in 1998 "TV Center", in 2000 'Daryal TV" and "TV-6", in 2001 "Children's project" appeared in the Murmansk region.


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