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Railway building and foundation of the city of Murmansk
(1914 - 1916)

In the beginning of the I World War Russia had a great lack of weapon and ammunition. The Government ordered ammunition in England, France and the USA. And Murman was chosen as the most appropriate way for the transportation. The building of the trade fleet caused the demand to build a railway line from Petrozavodsk to Murmansk.

Building railway 1916

The route with extension of 1054 km should be built in very severe conditions. Railway line building started in June of 1915. About 10 thousand people participated in it. On the 23th of April of 1916 through traffic Murman - Kandalaksha was opened. The building of the whole line was finished in November of 1916.

For the organization of defense Maritime Department sent trawlers, torpedo boats and cruisers to the northern waters.

Flotilla of Arctic Ocean was formed in June of 1916.

By agreement with allies vessels of English and French fleet came to Murman.

In the process of building of railway station and depot on Murman, trade fleet and Kola marine base some settlements appeared, which later were transformed in a town, called Romanov-na- Murmane in the name of Nickolay the Second.

Official opening of the town took place on the 21th of September (on the 4th of October according to new calendar) of 1916.

In 1917 about 10 thousand people lived there.


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